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We are a record label based in California, USA and the UK. We believe in creativity & uniqueness in sounds.

New Merch

We are a group of brands and businesses. D&D RECORDS owns and manage 5 Record Labels, and we are doing our best for our artists, producers, fans and customers from around the world to express themselves though our custom fashion & design.

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D&D RECORDS is a record company which owns & manage 5 sub-labels: Technofied, Hypnofied, Musified, Housefied and Sector Seven. We were brought out to the public to educate the world the true meaning of sound design and music production.

Latest News

At D&D RECORDS we’re happy to support music producers and artists however and whenever possible. Our news and blog section will be regularly updated and maintained with advises to all music producers of all levels. More of a news than an advice blog, D&D RECORDS is the place to go to find out the latest happenings from across the world of Techno & Electronic Dance Music.

Kylie Minogue ‘plans to party’ in Las Vegas

Kylie Minogue ‘plans to party’ in Las Vegas

Kylie Minogue can’t wait to “party” during her Las Vegas residency. The 55-year-old pop star will begin her residency at The Venetian hotel...

Chris Shiflett tries not to let ‘the devil in’ on stage

Chris Shiflett tries not to let ‘the devil in’ on stage

Chris Shiflett has to work not to “let the devil get in head” when he’s on stage. The 52-year-old musician – who is...

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs still has ‘a lot of things’ to do in his career

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs still has ‘a lot of things’ to do in his career

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has revealed that he still has “a lot of things” he wants to do in his career. During an interview...

The Legal Stuff

We trust that all music and recordings supplied to D&D RECORDS for publication are original work(s) and are not copied from other tracks or sources. Therefor; D&D RECORDS DOES NOT accept any responsibility whatsoever for any material(s) passed off “regardless of the length or size”
as original which is NOT original work.

The artist(s)/producer(s) are fully responsible for the content(s) they supply for publication.

All of our names are registered under D&D RECORDS and D&D MIX Co., This constitutes that anyone not authorized to use our Label names, logos, or designs by, anyone other than us is illegal, unless authorized in writing by the licensee of D&D RECORDS and D&D MIX.

It is also unlawful to make false claims or false representation on any social media platform(s), public forums, communities or websites which bear the logos of any artist associated with D&D RECORDS and D&D MIX.

D&D RECORDS, was brought to you and founded by two professional sound designers and producers, from California, USA and London, UK. D&D RECORDS is the result of #IWGWGP!

Demo Submission

To submit your demos to D&D RECORDS as a producer, you have to meet our requirements and accept our rules before submitting your demo(s). Are you ready to Submit your Demo?

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Mailing Address:
3410 La Sierra Ave Suite F210,
Riverside, CA (92503) USA
Email: info[@]dnd-records.com
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