Favoring the aesthetics of a dreamy hypnotic persuasion, the main focus of his work lies in its captive-tingly psychedelic, yet minimal and often atonal, range of colors, textures, and melodies, to impress upon the senses far beyond that of its ordinary perceptions.

Never one to be stuck in any sort of a routine, his creative vision often requires deep thinking that surpasses the confines of the norm, all while experimenting with form and methodology, in his own metaphorical perspective or genius, that allows him to create something that transcends the ordinary, developing a very personal style, and greatly enjoying the challenging of the status quo with his experiments in design and technology.

Not just a mere imitation, his unique and innovative processes bestow upon his art its true purpose and meaning.


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Jin How has since used 3 different monikers for the past 2 decades of his creative output: 01. molwax – an older name he used while dabbling in film, video, and graphic design at the turn of the millennium, 02. neon – his current DJ name, and 03. w0rm – a name used for the music production nature of his work for the past decade.