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Atlantic Music Group Announces Two Dozen Layoffs

Atlantic Music Group layoffs 2024

Photo Credit: Atlantic Music Group

An internal memo from Atlantic Music Group reveals around two dozen staff will be laid off as part of a broader restructuring effort. Parent Warner Music Group announced a 10% reduction in the work force earlier this year.

Atlantic Chairman-CEO Julie Greenwald says Atlantic will be “bringing on new and additional skill sets in social media, content creation, community building, and audience insights.” Greenwald says those changes are an effort to “dial up our fan focus and help artists tell their stories in ways that resonate.” Translation? TikTok experience wanted.

Greenwald was named Chairman-CEO of Atlantic Music Group in 2022 and says the company is looking to retain what she terms ‘ambidextrous’ staffers capable of performing multiple roles. She also made reference to consolidation, which she says is not happening with the company’s labels.

“Our artists today need more support from us than ever—in a world that’s getting noisier, faster, and more fiercely competitive. We have to do more, but at the same time, our approach has to be authentic, bold, and bespoke to individual artists. We can’t impact culture if we don’t have the right mix of people who live that culture,” Greenwald states in the memo, obtained by Variety.

“That’s why we need dedicated teams of multi-talented, ambidextrous people—our ‘SWAT teams’—who encircle the artist and do everything possible to help achieve their full potential.”

Greenwald says the layoffs at Atlantic Music Group will primarily happen in the radio and video teams. “We’ll preserve our industry-leading position in those areas, while bringing on new and additional skill sets. As part of this shift, I’m sorry to say about two dozen people will be leaving us from across our three labels and their imprints.”

“We’ve all heard the same industry rumors about labels being reduced or merged into one another. I can tell you—this is not that. We’re deeply committed to the unique cultures across our labels, led by 300, Elektra, and Atlantic.”

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