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Demo Submissions

Our rules to submit your Demos

Thank you for your interest in submitting your demo(s) to D&D RECORDS and it’s Labels. Rest assured we review and listen very carefully to every submitted track by our professional sound engineers, sound designers and A&Rs.

We have simple rules to read before considering submitting your demo(s) and work, and all demo submissions should be directed to D&D RECORDS, but kindly note that we are unable to accept unsolicited material. Typically, demos are recommended to one of our labels’ A&R departments by a manager, agent, producer, radio DJ or other industry professionals.

Before your submit make sure of the following:

01- Your track(s) cannot be any other genre/sub-genre than:

  • Technofied: Techno, Hard Techno, Dark Techno, Raw Techno and Industrial Techno.
  • Hypnofied: Hypnotic Techno, Acid Techno, Deep Techno, Minimal Techno, Dub Techno and Space Techno.
  • Musified: Melodic House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Afro House
  • Housefied: House, Tech-House, Soulful House, Minimal House, Disco House, Indi House
  • Sector Seven: TV/Filming Industry Soundtrack(s), Gaming Industry Tracks, Downtempo, Organic House and Middle Eastern Downtempo.

02- Your submitted track(s) must meet our minimum standard requirements and quality. If they DO NOT, our industry professionals would provide help and guidance in order to achieve our minimum standards.

03- Your track(s) must be fully mastered, .wav format with minimum quality of 24-bit and 44100 Hz sample rate (IS A MUST). If you cannot or don’t know how to master your tracks, we can master it for you in-house for a $30.00 one-off mastering fee per each track. *You will be invoiced for a mastering service separately and you have 24hrs to complete your transaction before signing the contract*

04- Your track(s) cannot contain any elements or sounds you are not permitted to use. You are responsible for your original work and remember that you will sign an agreement which clearly explains that we as D&D RECORDS, Labels, and Employees WILL NOT  be responsible if your track(s) contained any sounds or elements that violates any other artist(s), producer(s), company(ies) or copyrighted material(s) law(s).

05- All of your submitted tracks has to come through one of the following trusted file-hosting services: Wetransfer or SendAnyWhere. If you don’t have an account on any of them, please create yourself one to be able to send it by Email method. If for any reason they are blocked by your region/country, please contact us directly and we’ll find you an alternative trusted solution.

How to Submit?

  1. Go to any of the recommended service providers we’ve mentioned earlier: Wetransfer.com or Send-anywhere.com and make sure you are logged into your account.
  2. Regardless of which service you will be using to send us your demo(s), make sure click on the advanced menu “usually three little dots at the lower left corner on Wetransfer.com or if you are using Send-anywhere.com click the (PLUS) red button to add your track(s), and once added, make sure to click the Email method icon to right. We will NOT-ACCEPT the demos if we will not receive them by Email method and you will have to resubmit it/them again.
  3. Please tag your track(s) correctly before sending them to us. Tagging should be: Artist Name – Track Title (Type of Mix). If you don’t know how to Meta-tag (ID2/ID3) your own files, we recommend you to learn more about Meta-tags (ID2/ID3) before submitting any demos.
  4. All submissions should be directed to demos[@]dnd-records.com “DON’T USE THE [ ] AROUND THE @ SYMBOL”

Done! Once submitted, please allow our professional team up-to 7 days to review your submitted work; as they are always busy reviewing submitted track(s)/content(s). We monitor our inboxes daily and we reply to every received message in the order it was received.

The Legal Stuff

We trust that all music and recordings supplied to D&D RECORDS for publication are original work(s) and are not copied from other tracks or sources. Therefor; D&D RECORDS DOES NOT accept any responsibility whatsoever for any material(s) passed off “regardless of the length or size”
as original which is NOT original work.

The artist(s)/producer(s) are fully responsible for the content(s) they supply for publication.

All of our names are registered under D&D RECORDS and D&D MIX Co., This constitutes that anyone not authorized to use our Label names, logos, or designs by, anyone other than us is illegal, unless authorized in writing by the licensee of D&D RECORDS and D&D MIX.

It is also unlawful to make false claims or false representation on any social media platform(s), public forums, communities or websites which bear the logos of any artist associated with D&D RECORDS and D&D MIX.

D&D RECORDS, was brought to you and founded by two professional sound designers and producers, from California, USA and London, UK. D&D RECORDS is the result of #IWGWGP!

Demo Submission

To submit your demos to D&D RECORDS as a producer, you have to meet our requirements and accept our rules before submitting your demo(s). Are you ready to Submit your Demo?

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