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DMN Goes Off the Record with Amazon Music for Artists’ Conexión Divina Campaign

Amazon Music conexion divina campaign

Photo Credit: Amazon Music

Amazon Music is collaborating with regional artists to highlight music genres that are gaining popularity among Gen Z. One unique approach is its Amazon Music Originals, which feature tracks made in partnership with Amazon Music. Conexión Divina is the latest success story thanks to a multi-phased campaign.

The following was created in collaboration with Amazon Music, a company DMN is proud to be partnered with.

Conexión Divina is made up of three young girls of Mexican descent who come from different parts of the US and met online. Vocalist Liz was born in South Central Los Angeles, honing her skills in church choirs. Sandra is from Dallas and learned to play bass guitar by watching videos on YouTube. And most recently Daniela Santiago, originally from Austin, Texas and a student at USC in Los Angeles, joined the group and plays the 12 – string guitar.

The Amazon Music team worked with Conexión Divina to build a promotional campaign around the release of their album, Tres Mundos, to help bring their unique sound to more people. The campaign included an Amazon Music Original release, programming support for their music, and an Artist Stories feature to highlight how the group got together to bring their regional music to the mainstream.

“Working with Amazon Music has been a great opportunity,” adds Erick Begazo, Conexión Divina’s manager. “We started from zero basically and to be able to be supported by Amazon, I think it’s been amazing.”

Artist Stories are short-form editorial videos made with the artist and shared directly with their fans inside the Amazon Music app. Programming support from Amazon Music included features in the ‘Gen Mex’ and ‘Las Amazonas’ playlists on Amazon Music.

Conexión Divina is the first Latin Music artist to be featured in Amazon Music’s Artist Stories—highlighting the band’s humble beginnings as they bring regional music to mainstream attention. Amazon Music says through this campaign, it was able to help Conexión Divina triple its fan growth during the three month period after the new album’s release. To date, Conexión Divina’s Amazon Music Original, Me Fui de Vacaciones, is their biggest song on Amazon Music.

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