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Does Receiptify Work for Apple Music?

does receiptify work for Apple Music

Photo Credit: Receiptify

A trend on Instagram showcasing album tracks as store receipts kicked off a trend after programmer Michelle Liu released ‘Receiptify.’ While Apple Music users could use the service in a limited capacity from 2020-2023—the ability was removed last year.

Liu introduced Receiptify in 2020 as a unique way to showcase Spotify data in a store receipt format. The app can process listening data from yesterday, last month, or the last six months—serving up a PNG image of a Spotify users’ listening history. As Liu continued to develop the app over the last few years, she added limited support for Apple Music.

The Apple Music API only supported ‘Heavy Rotation’ tracks, returning data about a users’ most-played tracks, albums, and playlists in an undefined period. Spotify actually supplies listening dates through its API, so the Receiptify for Apple Music generator was always a little less detailed than its Spotify counterpart.

Receiptify was updated in 2023 to remove the Apple Music link sometime between February 16 – 27. In its place, Liu includes a link to Tune My Music, which allows users to transfer playlists between Apple Music and Spotify.

As of 2024—the link to Tune My Music is gone and only Spotify and Last.fm remain. It seems likely that Liu received a sponsorship from Tune My Music to place a link to its playlist transfer services—foregoing the Apple Music API link altogether.

As a result, Apple Music no longer works with Receiptify. Since Liu made the code available publicly and for free via GitHub, several Receiptify knock-offs have appeared on the iOS App Store. They utilize code written by Liu, but still only offer the same basic features of the Receiptify website with the added addition of in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $34.99.

Receiptify does not work directly with Apple Music anymore and even when it did, it was only in limited capacity. Anyone who wants to create one of these images to share among friends will need to do so using Spotify or Last.fm data. It’s worth noting that Apple Music data can be ‘scrobbled’ to Last.fm, but only if the song is added to your personal collection.

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