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Dua Lipa Reveals Why She Bought Back Her Publishing Rights

Dua Lipa

Photo Credit: Audacy Check In

After buying back the publishing rights to her music catalog, Dua Lipa reveals in a new interview what drove her decision: “It’s my life’s work, so it’s good to be the person to say what happens with it.”

Pop superstar Dua Lipa sat down for an interview with host Bru on Audacy Check In on Thursday (November 16). There she explained for the first time what drove her to buying back the publishing rights to her music catalog — something she always wanted.

“I think all young artists should really understand the business behind music, especially in the beginning — I think it’s incredibly important,” Dua Lipa told host Bru. “And so, to be able to have all the rights back to my songs feels really good. It’s my life’s work, so it’s good to be the person to say what happens with it.”

When asked whether Taylor Swift inspired her to regain control of her publishing rights, Lipa said that wasn’t entirely the case, though it clearly rose awareness as something artists should take into consideration.

“I think what had happened to Taylor obviously was something that completely started getting people to understand that they should have a lawyer, and understand the business of music, for sure,” said Lipa. “Owning your publishing was just something that I really wanted to have.”

“I think a lot of artists go, like, independent or do their own thing, but I just wanted to have my whole catalog under my own company — which is something I started this year (with) publishing and a production company,” Dua Lipa continued. “I just wanted to have absolutely everything under one umbrella. It just felt like a new chapter.”

Dua Lipa recently bought back her publishing rights from TaP Music Publishing, something the company announced on November 2. The star initially signed with the management company in 2013 and parted ways last year; she is now managed by her father, Dukagjin Lipa.

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