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Human Artistry Campaign Applauds AI Executive Order

Human Artistry Campaign

Photo Credit: Human Artistry Campaign

President Biden issued an executive order setting out a range of initiatives to regulate AI, a move which the Human Artistry Campaign applauds and welcomes.

The artist-forward Human Artistry Campaign has welcomed an executive order issued by President Biden on Monday (October 30) to put in place wide-ranging measures in an effort to ensure the “safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of artificial intelligence.”

The executive order, which Biden referred to as “the most significant action any government anywhere in the world has ever taken on AI safety, security, and trust,” instructs assorted government agencies and departments to increase their efforts to regulate AI in its various aspects.

Among the concerns it touches on include copyright and transparency issues raised by creative industries; it tasked the Department of Commerce with developing standards for watermarking and clearly labelling AI-generated content. The US Copyright Office will further advise the president on “potential executive actions relating to copyright and AI,” including protection for works produced using AI, and the use of copyrighted works in AI training.

“The inclusion of copyright and intellectual property protection in the AI executive order reflects the importance of the creative community and IP-powered industries to America’s economic and cultural leadership,” said the Human Artistry Campaign in response to the executive order.

“On behalf of over 170 members spanning the creative and technology communities, the Human Artistry Campaign applauds this effort to craft a responsible, ethical AI policy that will promote innovation and allow both AI and human creativity to strengthen each other and thrive.”

The Human Artistry Campaign is the global initiative for the advancement of responsible AI, working to assure it develops in ways that strengthen the creative ecosystem while respecting and furthering the value of human artistry. In 34 countries, 170 organizations have united to protect human expression and creative endeavor in all its forms — journalists, recording artists, photographers, actors, songwriters, composers, publishers, record labels, and more.

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