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Killer Mike Cuffed & Questioned After Grammys Altercation

Killer Mike detained after Grammys

Photo Credit: The Come Up Show // CC by 2.0

Rapper Killer Mike was cuffed and escorted away from Crypto.com Arena and the Grammy Awards after a physical altercation, according to sources.

The Los Angeles Police Department to responded to the arena following an altercation. A police spokesperson has confirmed Killer Mike was detained for questioning, but did not immediately identify the rapper. Killer Mike won three Grammy awards during the pre-show Premiere Ceremony including Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Album.

At this point in time, it’s unclear whether Killer Mike is under arrest, or what exactly occurred to have him detained in the first place. Representatives for Killer Mike and the Grammys have not responded to requests for comment. A video captured by The Hollywood Reporter Chris Gardner showcases the rapper being detained by police. An onlooker in the video can be heard saying, ‘Free Mike.’

The altercation came after a physical confrontation, according to TMZ. A police official told Gardner that Killer Mike may be released later from the arena, but did not make clear the status of his arrest. “At this time the individual is being questioned by the police and the investigation is ongoing,” the spokesperson told PEOPLE.

“The only thing that limits your age is not being truthful about your age or what you’re doing,” Killer Mike said while backstage. “At 20 years old, I thought it was cool to be a drug dealer. At 40, I started to live with the regrets and things I’ve done. At 45, I started to rap about it. At 48, I stand here as a man full of empathy and sympathy for the things I’ve done.”

Killer Mike was a member of Run the Jewels alongside producer El-P, pumping out four albums as the duo. Before his Sunday performance, Killer Mike’s last Grammy win came in 2003 when he won Best Rap performance By A Group or Duo for “The Whole World.” Killer Mike hosted Netflix’s Trigger Warning series in 2019, a documentary about issues that impact the Black community.

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