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Lily Allen Says Having Kids Ruined Her Pop Career — ‘It Does Not Mix’

Lily Allen says having kids ruined her pop music career

Photo Credit: Justin Higuchi / CC by 2.0

Singer Lily Allen sparks debate online after saying having children ‘ruined’ her music career.

Social media is in an uproar after singer Lily Allen stated in an appearance on The Radio Times podcast that her children “ruined” her music career. The 38-year-old spoke with host Kelly-Anne Taylor about her pop career, which rapidly took off with the release of her 2006 hit, “Smile.”

When Taylor asked how having children has affected Allen’s views on the music industry, the singer replied, “I never really had a strategy when it comes to my career — but yes, my children ruined my career.”

“I mean, I love them and they complete me. But in terms of pop stardom, totally ruined it, yeah,” said Allen with a chuckle. “It does not mix. It really annoys me when people say you can have it all, because, quite frankly, you can’t.”

Although Taylor laughed at the comment, and TV presenter Miquita Oliver, also a guest on the show, stated that she appreciated Allen’s honesty on the subject, people on social media — particularly the former Twitter — were quick to post their criticisms of the singer.

“Do people not think their children will one day grow up and read this?” asked one commenter. Someone else wrote that “not everything needs to be said,” while yet another said, “Why would she even publicly say this?”

“That sounds like such an excuse,” asserted another. “There are loads of singers who have children and still manage to have a successful career.” Other commenters said Allen’s remarks were “disgusting,” “embarrassing,” and called her “selfish.”

But amid all the criticisms, some users spoke out in Allen’s defense, commending her honesty about her personal experience.

“It’s OK for mothers to feel this way; doesn’t mean there’s no love for their children,” said one user. “She’s just being honest,” wrote another. “She means [that] women are supposed to raise their child while men don’t have this problem [because] of sexism.”

“People hate when women tell the truth,” said another fan. “It’s extremely hard to have a career and children, but they will try to sell you a dream about having it all. She’s letting young women know what she probably [wishes] someone told her.”

Also in the interview, Allen doubled down that she does not regret having her kids, and that she “chose stepping back and concentrating on them and I’m glad that I’ve done that because I think they’re pretty well-rounded people.”

“I think if we were […] more actually about community and taking care of the community, then people you could have it all,” mused Allen. “But I think people just can’t afford childcare in the way that you’re supposed to. It just doesn’t add up.”

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