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Olivia Rodrigo’s Management Halts Distribution of Condoms & Plan B at Shows

Olivia Rodrigo Plan B

Photo Credit: Olivia Rodrigo’s Instagram

Olivia Rodrigo is helping to raise money for abortion funds across the US. But after backlash online, her management is halting the distribution of supplies like condoms or emergency contraception like Plan B at the singer’s shows.

Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo has been vocal about her support for non-profit initiatives for women’s rights. Especially in the US, the singer has been helping raise money for abortion funds, allowing organizers to set up tables at shows in states with limited reproductive rights following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

But Jezebel reported that multiple organizers and fund workers say that Rodrigo’s team will no longer allow them to hand out things like emergency contraception, condoms, or personal lubricant, following news coverage that sparked concern that children attending the concerts could access these items.

Pictures of condoms and emergency contraception (EC) handed out at Olivia Rodrigo’s shows went viral on social media this week, leading to international media coverage, most of it positive.

Right-wing figures in states where abortion is now illegal have created the biggest pushback, according to Jezebel. Notably, Missouri senator Bill Eigel incorrectly claimed that Plan B is an abortifacient, as opposed to a pregnancy prevention method.

Following coverage of Rodrigo’s St. Louis show, the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) contacted local funds in cities where the singer is due to perform, relaying that her management team had prohibited them from distributing any contraceptive supplies or lubricant, citing a concern that “young girls might obtain them.” Instead, they will hand out stickers, buttons, beanies, and resource brochures.

“Our country lacks comprehensive sex education and accessible healthcare, so offering these items when we table at events is a way abortion funds work to bridge the gaps in our communities,” wrote Destini Spaeth, Chair of the Prairie Abortion Fund, in a statement to Pitchfork, in which she also expressed gratitude to Rodrigo for enabling an opportunity to attract attention and funding. “A young person taking a Plan B and a few condoms to store in their dresser drawer is a universally good thing.”

“Our work has been exponentially harder since the Dobbs decision of 2022 — don’t make it any harder for us,” added Spaeth. “Let us do what we know how to do best; community care.”

Additionally, the news coverage of emergency birth control, like Plan B, being handed out at Rodrigo’s shows often incorrectly credits the singer with providing the supplies. But organizations like the Carolina Abortion Fund (CAF) have released statements to clarify the misconception.

“We at CAF have been struck by how many outlets are framing this as ‘Olivia Rodrigo is giving out EC,’ rather than the funds or mutual aid groups who actually brought the goods,” said Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler, director of engagement for the Carolina Abortion Fund.

“To be clear: We are extremely grateful Olivia Rodrigo is making such a public choice to bring abortion funds into her tour. It’s genuinely incredibly awesome. It’s just been difficult for us to get a foothold in the conversation, and remind folks that they can — and should — be donating to abortion funds.”

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