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Paris Hilton Quietly Sells 500,000 Roblox Emotes in Just Two Months

Paris Hilton Roblox experience

Photo Credit: 11:11 Media

Paris Hilton’s Roblox experience racked up over 3.2 million visits between August 2023 and February 2024. She also sold 500,000 paid emotes in just two months.

According to a report authored by 11:11 Media and GEEIQ, the level of exposure generated by the Roblox world is equivalent to a $60 million traditional advertising campaign. The 42-page report examines how the Paris Hilton experience “Slivingland” fared in brand awareness for the singer and media mogul.

Roblox now has over 71 million daily users and reported an annual revenue of $2.79 billion for 2023—up 26% year-over-year. “Slivingland is designed as an evergreen entertainment hub for Paris fans around the world,” the report reads. “Fashion, of course, is a central feature of the experience. Avatar customization and self-expression is key to Roblox’s brand success and it’s important to Paris’ community too.”

The Slivingland Roblox experience sold ‘nearly’ 500,000 emotes in Roblox through November/December 2023. These emotes cost 100 Robux, which is equivalent to $1.25 USD.

It’s worth noting that not everyone the same rate for their Robux though, as Roblox offers more Robux per USD spent for higher tranche Robux purchases. What’s unclear is the revenue split between Paris Hilton and Roblox for those emotes.

An estimated breakdown of a Roblox game revenue share split is 25% for App Store Fees, 24.5% Developer Share, 26% Platform Costs, and 24.5% to Roblox. The split that is normally reserved for the developer may be close to what celebrity partners like Paris Hilton receive each time an in-app purchase is made.

Paris Hilton collaborated with Roblox back in October 2021, calling herself the ‘Queen of the Metaverse’ when she launched “Paris World.” She’s not resting on her laurels when it comes to expanding her metaverse presence, either. Cointelegraph reports that Hilton’s 11:11 Media brand alongside Andreessen Horowitz’ a16z were among investors who raised $54 million for Story Protocol in September 2023.

Hilton also launched a romance-themed metaverse in The Sandbox metaverse in February 2023 called Parisland—though that metaverse community isn’t doing so hot in North America.

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