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Primary Wave Announces Partnership with Brazilian Music Company, Nas Nuvens Catalog

Primary Wave nas Nuvens Catalog

Photo Credit: Ramon Buçard

Primary Wave Music has announced it has formed a partnership with Brazilian music company, Nas Nuvens Catalog. Here’s the latest.

Brazil’s music market is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, making this partnership a pivotal step in Primary Wave’s expansion into international markets. Nas Nuvens Catalog is based in São Paulo and is a leading independent Brazilian music company focused on the acquisition, management, and marketing of music catalogs—it is one of the five largest music companies in Brazil.

After researching the American catalog acquisition market, the company formed in 2021 from a partnership with Brazilian private equity firm Starboard Partners and Liminha, a music market professional—to replicate Primary Wave’s model in Brazil.

Nas Nuvens Catalog has become one of the most successful music companies in the country. It partners with its artists, acquiring partial stakes in their music catalog with a focus on legendary and iconic music.

“When we created Nas Nuvens Catalog (NNC), we were inspired by Primary Wave’s business model,” says NNC Chief Financial Officer, Gabriel Sacardo.

NNC controls a catalog of more than 30,000 songs written and performed by some of the most influential composers and artists. They include Carlinhos Brown, Arlindo Cruz, Vanessa de Mata, Torquato Neto, Rodolfo Abrantes, Vinicius Cantuária, César Augusto, Accioly Neto, and other legendary names.

“The transaction shows not only the confidence Primary Wave has in Nas Nuvens Catalog and its team but also in Brazilian and Latin Music, its quality, and its potential to be appreciated worldwide regardless of language,” adds Liminha, CEO of Nas Nuvens Catalog. “The partnership with Primary Wave will enable, in a two-way street, us to take our region’s talents to an even higher level.”

“Brazil has long been a epicenter of music and our partnership with Primary Wave will enable the further internationalization of Nas Nuvens Catalogs’ portfolio and Brazilian music as a whole,” adds Chief Operating Officer, Jason Eliasen. “We look forward to working together with Primary Wave’s fantastic team to catalyze both organic and inorganic growth.”

“The Nas Nuvens catalog and team are absolutely excellent,” adds Primary Wave Chief Operating Officer Ramon Villa. “We are grateful to be a part of the iconic Brazilian artistry they represent and look forward to the growth in acquisition and the global marketing initiatives we can execute together.”

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