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Rogue Marketplace Audioloops Found Reselling Unauthorized Loops & Samples from Black Octopus, Loopmasters, & More

Audioloops selling unauthorized audiopacks

Photo Credit: Adi Goldstein

The website Audioloops appears to be offering unauthorized copies of several audio packs, loops, and samples from brands like Soundtrack Loops, Black Octopus, Loopmasters, and Ghost Hack.

Searching for these labels on the Audioloops website reveals the content is sold for pennies on the dollar, often at steep 90% discounts in some cases. All three of the labels mentioned had stolen content available for purchase from Audioloops for as little as 4.99 pounds. Contacting Audioloops about removing the offending content has yielded no results.

Audioloops is advertising the content to artists and musicians on Facebook and Instagram—highlighting a bundle of content from a mix of brands. It’s worth noting that the site appears to be collating works from several brands and using social media to drive artists and musicians to purchase these cheap packs that aren’t actually being sold by a legitimate source.


The social media presence for the company is also non-existent, another red flag that the website is a fly-by-night rip-off stealing other brands’ work and reselling it in bundles. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference, since legitimate sources like Humble Bundle will partner with audio companies to offer their own audio bundles.

It’s also worth noting that another type of sample scam appears to be targeting producers on Instagram. The brand will reach out to producers on Instagram saying “we are creating a monstrous sample pack of around 10,000 samples.” They then offer the sample pack to the contacted producer as an early access sample for a ‘discount.’

Stay safe out there in your music production by only buying sound packs, loops, and samples from authorized sources. The old adage “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” remains true here. The only way Audioloops is able to offer these sound packs so cheaply is that they’re not an authorized reseller—they’re hawking stolen downloads at a massively discounted price to unaware customers.

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