Royal Blood “know they’re onto something” when the pizza delivery man approves of their work.

The rock duo – which consists of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher – will often order takeaway from their favourite pizza shop the Brighton studio they always record in and are often caught rehearsing by the delivery man.

Singer Mike told The Daily Star’s Wired column: “The pizza guy usually comes in when we’re recording. He’ll give us the thumbs up and, if he does that, we know we must be on to something.

“When we find the right riff for a song, it doesn’t matter if we’re playing it in rehearsal or at a festival, we just know it’ll take the roof off.”

However, ‘Typhoons’ hitmaker Mike went on to add that he finds creating music to be a “very turbulent” experience that leaves him thinking he is either “invincible” or “useless” at any given time.

He added: “Making music is a very turbulent, uncomfortable experience which, for me, is rarely stable. I either think I’m useless or I’m invincible. Both emotions are wrong but there’s a real lack of control in being creative for a living.

But Mike noted that working with Ben is “perfect” because they seem to have some sort of “telepathic” relationship that has grown as a result of their time on stage together.

He added: “Working with Ben is perfect because we have something telepathic. We know what each other is going to do next and that’s something you can’t really learn. “What we have learned has come from our time on stage.

“Instead of over-analysing how we’ve come so far, or if we deserve it, I think, ‘We’re here, so let’s do it the best we can. We have to be the best band we can be.”

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