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Shazam Introduces a New Home for Concerts

Shazam concerts

Photo Credit: Shazam / Apple

Shazam unveils Concerts, a space in the app where music fans can discover upcoming concerts happening in their area.

Today, Shazam announced its new Concerts feature, a space in the app’s My Music section where music fans can discover upcoming concerts happening in their area. The Concerts feature provides personalized event recommendations based on a user’s Shazam history, enabling fans to browse, search, and explore trending concerts in one place.

Shazam also now gives users the ability to save and revisit events, set reminders about upcoming shows, view tickets, and unlock concert exclusives from select artists, including brand new Apple Watch faces and wallpapers, behind-the-scenes videos, tour photos, show set lists, and more.

Today’s launch furthers a series of concert discovery features Shazam has introduced across iOS and Apple Music. Users of iOS 17 can search for an artist in Spotlight and stay update about upcoming concerts from touring artists, explore ticket options, venue details, and more in Shazam’s concert pages.

A selection of curated Apple Music Guides on Maps can help users find the best venues to experience live music wherever they go, and browse a venue’s upcoming shows directly from Maps. Set Lists on Apple Music highlight an assortment of major tours, letting fans listen to set lists, read about the productions, and browse artists’ upcoming shows in their area with Shazam’s concert discovery module.

Shazam’s new Concerts space is available beginning today on the iOS app, and will soon release on Android. Upcoming concerts in Spotlight Search are now available in iOS 17.

Earlier this year, a new Shazam update enabled users to identify songs playing in other apps, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The feature isn’t entirely seamless, but the offering is the first among apps of its kind. Apple’s purchase of Shazam has supercharged the app’s success, thanks to its deeper integration with Apple services — it processes more than one billion song matches each month across both iOS and Android devices.

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