Sir Mick Jagger still misses late Rolling Stones bandmate Charlie Watts.

Two years after Charlie, 80, passed away following complications from emergency heart surgery, Mick explained how he was still mourning his pal, who he had known since they were both teenagers.

Mick, 80, told SiriusXM: “I knew him since I was 19, and I hung out a lot with Charlie. He was one of my close friends.

“Charlie and I had a lot of interests outside of just playing in a band. We loved football and cricket. Charlie and I used to go to cricket together a lot.

“Charlie’s very knowledgeable about [football] He used to play football hen he was a kid. He was pretty good. Much better than me.

“Charlie loved beautiful objects. He liked antiques, he liked furniture. So we talked a lot about things like that.”

Meanwhile, Mick, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood have recorded a new album ‘Hackney Diamonds’, their first since drummer Charlie’s death.

And, it features a number of stars, including Lady Gaga, who collaborated on the track ‘Sweet Sound of Heaven’.

Mick previously explained: “She walked in next to me and we started singing together. She sang it live and then we went in and tidied it up a bit.”

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