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SPIN Magazine Joins Forces with Greater Than Distribution to Launch SPIN Records

Spin Records

Photo Credit: Greater Than Distribution

SPIN Magazine launches its own record label, SPIN Records, in a partnership with Greater Than Distribution via Virgin Music Group.

Pop culture and music outlet SPIN Magazine has joined forces with Virgin Music Group’s Greater Than Distribution to launch its first record label, SPIN Records. The innovative collaboration aims to showcase the hottest new artists of today and tomorrow.

The label’s mission is to cultivate a sustainable environment for artist, focusing on mental health, longevity, and multi-genre representation. With distribution through Virgin Music Group’s vast global network, SPIN Records aims to exemplify its vision of evolving a diverse and flourishing artist community.

“For decades, SPIN has been at the forefront of music journalism, often being the first to spotlight future legends,” said Paula Moore, A&R executive and CEO of Greater Than Distribution. “Having this opportunity to partner with SPIN allows us to amplify our reach and develop talent around the world alongside the SPIN Media team.”

Greater Than Distribution and SPIN combine a wealth of resources within pop culture, entertainment, and fashion to support the brand’s long-term presence across various platforms, including a massive social media following. The partnership emphasizes providing above-standard distribution with a full-service A&R and artist development focus that includes marketing, branding, PR, and more across its expansive ecosystem.

“The creation of SPIN Records marks a pivotal moment in the music industry, with many artists signed because of the size of their social media followings. But that doesn’t always deliver the level of authentic talent that leads to groundbreaking, transformative work,” said Danny Klein, Creative Director of SPIN Magazine.

“With SPIN Records, we want to bring back the lost art of A&R. We want to help artists find their voice and grow with them so they have long, sustainable careers. Today’s artists also need help combatting the pressures of writing, producing, branding, and touring, while keeping up with the unique and often debilitating demands of social media — and we’re excited to harness the collective energy, insight, and creativity offered by Greater Than and the powerful distribution network of Virgin Music Group. I truly think we’ll make a difference in artists’ careers.”

SPIN Records aims to be genre-agnostic, a testament to the broad appeal and diverse readership that SPIN Magazine has catered to since 1985. Its goal is to become not only the label musicians aspire to sign with but also a brand that fans want to immerse in, celebrating the collective love for music.

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