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Spotify Premium Adds Full Music Videos in 11 Countries

Spotify full music videos

Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify is stepping up its competition with YouTube Music by adding full music videos in 11 countries. Here’s the latest.

The music videos beta for Spotify Premium users is rolling out in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Kenya. All Spotify Premium members in these markets can see a ‘switch to video’ option on iOS, Android, PC/Mac, or TV to begin watching the music video for a song.

Spotify says it is collecting feedback from users and artists to “innovate and iterate” on the feature. The idea is to make Spotify a true hub for music where listeners can choose to watch the music video instead of heading to YouTube to see it.

“So many times in my own experience and for countless others, music videos play a key role in hooking you: taking you from being a listener to leaning in and becoming a fan,” adds Charlie Hellman, Vice President and Head of Music Product at Spotify. “They’re an important part of so many artists’ tool kits, and it’s a natural fit for them to live in the same place that more than half a billion people choose to listen to music.”

Spotify says providing access to full music videos will give artists even more ways to connect with new fans and loyal listeners. It has built out video features before including Canvas, Clips, while offering extensive opportunities for artists to feature their music in Artist Bios with live events and merch offerings.

The beta version of music videos on Spotify begins rolling out today with a limited catalog of music videos for hits from global artists including Ed Sheeran, Doja Cat, Ice Spice and local favorites like Aluna and Asake.

It’s unclear when Spotify will provide the option for every artist to upload their music video—but that’s the direction Spotify is headed. Spotify wants to be a one-stop shop for audio listeners—which includes those who love music videos.

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