Nicki Minaj has promised that her new record ‘Pink Friday 2’ will be the “best album released in years”.

The 40-year-old rapper released her new single ‘Last Time I Saw You’ on Friday (01.09.23) and took the opportunity to express her excitement for the new album, which is slated for release on November 13.

In a message on her website, Nicki wrote: “Please enjoy the song as much as I have enjoyed creating it, and just know that ‘Pink Friday 2’ is going to be the best album that’s been released in years!!! LOVE YOU.”

The new track is thought to be the third promotional single for the album and Minaj shared her thoughts on the song with her fans.

The ‘Super Bass’ artist wrote: “I can’t thank you enough for your love and continued support. I have not been excited about the release of a song to this extent for maybe… I don’t know I can’t even tell you, I don’t even remember when!

“I hope that it’s therapeutic for you. I hope that even after, it makes you reflect and that if you are reflecting on a time, or a person that you wish you could go back in time and have a do over etc… I hope that you are still able to smile at the end of the song by realising that you now have a chance to treat the people that you love, that are still in your life the way that expresses to them what they mean to you.”

Nicki has previously hyped up her first album in five years and declared that it will be “the best thing to come out of 2023.”

She tweeted in May: “Oh yes fractions warned, SFG did what fractions warned. Red Ruby Da Sleeze MOTHERED so hard and is now the standard. NM5 is the best thing that will come out of 2023 and will raise the bar to new and unreachable heights. NM5 tour will be hailed as “genius”. That’s it and that’s all. (sic)”

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