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TikTok’s Celebrity Creators Can Record Audio Clips for Advertisers

TikTok's celebrity creators

Photo Credit: TikTok

TikTok adds voice clips from its most influential channels for advertisers to use in its Sounds for Business library.

Six of TikTok’s most influential channels — Anania, Devin Halbal, Good Children, Matt Buechele, Sani Sisters, and Very Gay Paint — are taking part in a new offering for the platform’s advertisers, recording quotable lines as soundbites for use in TikTok’s Sounds for Business library. These clips are pre-cleared, allowing anyone who uses Sounds for Business to utilize the influencers’ audio without first getting additional permission.

At a pivotal point for the social video platform, TikTok is doubling down on its most marketable asset — creator audio. Ironically, amid the company’s ongoing battle with the music industry over song licensing rights, TikTok says that 88% of its users feel that audio is integral to their experience on the platform. More importantly to advertisers, 73% of users say that sound will prompt them to stop scrolling to watch an ad.

“Our all new Sounds for Business – Voice Clips were developed to help brands of all sizes easily create a diverse range of sound-rich content with 18 custom voiceover audio templates you can use in all of your TikTok videos,” says TikTok in their blog post. “These free tracks add some of the platform’s most recognizable voices to your videos and offer the perfect soundtrack for trend-ready content.”

“Our start on TikTok came from finding the right sound that inspired the right video,” said the Sani Sisters in a video about their audio clips in the Sounds for Business library, encouraging advertising partners to “use these voice clips to spotlight new products, engage with new audiences, or connect with your community.”

Even brands that aren’t interested in TikTok’s creator-recorded audio clips can find lots of other sounds to tickle their fancy in the Sounds for Business library, and even music in TikTok’s Commercial Music library. The ByteDance-owned app is pushing harder than ever to provide its advertising partners with the tools needed to secure hits on the platform — with or without the support of the broader music industry.

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