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Travis Scott Scores Legal Victory Over Sony Music Partner Ceremony of Roses — But a Torrent of Lawsuits Lie Ahead

Travis Scott wins lawsuit Ceremony of Roses

Photo Credit: The Come Up Show / CC by 2.0

Travis Scott has scored a legal victory in another Astroworld lawsuit brought forth by Sony Music partner Ceremony of Roses. Here’s the latest.

Ceremony of Roses (CoR) was contracted to provide various attractions and carnival games during the Astroworld festival. CoR covered the costs of providing the entertainment with a deal made with Live Nation allowing the organizer to recoup money spent from payments made by festival-goers to access those amusement rides. Profits from the endeavor were to be split 50/50.

After ten people died and hundreds more were injured during a crowd crush event on the first day of the festival—the whole thing was shut down. As a result, Ceremony of Roses filed a lawsuit arguing that Scott’s actions left it unable to recoup costs related to providing the amusements for Astroworld.

“At the very minimum, defendants owed CoR a duty to exercise ordinary care in maintaining a safe and secure environment for CoR’s business activities and festival attendees,” the lawsuit argued. “Defendants negligently and willfully breached this duty in numerous aspects.” This filing doesn’t specify compensation, but it does state the company incurred $700,000 in expenses for setting up during the festival.

The Blast obtained documents that show the company wanted the “entire action of all parties and all causes of action” dismissed from court. That would include all claims and counterclaims filed by all parties involved in the lawsuit. CoR lawyers asked for the courts to dismiss the lawsuit without prejudice—which means the same suit could be brought again in the future.

Thus concludes one of hundreds of lawsuits that were filed in the wake of the Astroworld tragedy in 2021. Most lawsuits were filed by those who were injured or by families of victims who died during the crowd crush event.

Another lawsuit involves festival-goers who purchased a ‘magic money’ digital currency to be used at the Astroworld Festival in 2021. After the festival was closed, these festival-goers launched a class action lawsuit for refunds for those digital dollars. Ceremony of Roses was named as a defendant in this lawsuit as the ‘magic money’ could be spent at its amusement park.

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