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Warner Chappell Music France Signs Admin Publishing Deal with Lofi Records

Lofi Records admin deal WCM france

Photo Credit: Lofi Records / Warner Chappell Music France

Warner Chappell Music France has announced it has signed a publishing administration deal with Lofi Records. It’s the record label and publishing arm of the YouTube channel, Lofi Girl.

Lofi Girl is a 24/7 livestream of lofi hip-hop beats ‘to relax/study to’—the first ever music livestream on YouTube. The channel launched in 2017 and promotes relaxing instrumental music called lofi hip-hop. The image of Lofi girl with her orange cat has connected millions across the globe.

The YouTube channel has more than 14 million subscribers, with the radio livestream garnering between 30,000-60,000 simultaneous listeners on any given day. It’s one of the biggest livestreams in the world and the Lofi Girl has become an iconic pop culture figure among the terminally online. Each time the music changes, a little pop-up reminiscent of old VH1 videos alerts users to the new track name.

Under the new deal, Warner Chappell Music France will administrate the majority of Lofi Records’ artists and will look for sync opportunities which will help the music reach new audiences across the globe.

“Lofi Girl is a complete phenomenon and a world leader in this growing genre,” adds Matthieu Tessier, Managing Director, WCM France. “The team have built a massive global community and are developing an impressive label full of talented artists from all over the world. We’re excited to start looking for new opportunities for fans to discover their music.”

Lofi Girl recently released its first music video, ‘Lofi Girl — Snowman.’ The clip gives fans a deeper look into the Lofi Girl character’s life and origins. The video racked up more than one million views on YouTube after just two weeks of release.

Lofi Girl’s chill surroundings have inspired artists to create their own Lofi Girl edits—placing her in different countries across the globe—a testament to the global impact the streaming channel has had since its inception.

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