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What Exactly Is ‘DIY White Label Music Distribution’? How EVEARA’s Backend Capabilities Are Powering Platforms for Avid, Native Instruments, Starmony, and Many More

EVEARA is empowering large and medium-sized enterprises to provide DIY music distribution under their brand — sans the hectic backend workload.

“The white label solution will allow companies and brands to offer everything a DIY music distribution platform does, but under their own brand.”

White label distribution solutions typically don’t grab much attention. EVEARA aims to keep it that way by empowering large and medium-sized enterprises to provide DIY music distribution under their brand — sans the hectic backend workload.

EVEARA’s DIY music distribution solution is the force behind Avid’s AvidPlay, which the ProTools developer launched in 2019. Starmony and the Native Instruments group, which now includes Plugin Alliance, iZotope, and others, also take a spot on EVEARA’s white label partners list.

Other industry players are also looking at EVEARA’s end-to-end solutions. EVEARA is forging significant and unique partnerships with telecom companies to build up their music distribution services. The Ireland-headquartered company is also in talks with social media platforms, music schools, and well-established consumer brands, which display a broad interest in adding DIY music distribution to their portfolios. Just recently, DMN partnered with EVEARA to further broaden the company’s industry footprint.

So, who’s behind this music industry player that specializes in not getting attention?

Levent Karahan, former A&R Manager of Sony Music Entertainment and Founder/CEO of EVEARA, told DMN that despite the massive impact a white label solution can generate, most companies and brands are still unaware of how it works.

The challenge for enterprises, Karahan explains, is that ‘they want to be in DIY music distribution but have no inclination to build it from scratch, or partner with existing DIY distribution platforms — because that would place their artists under a completely different brand.’

Karahan says the white label solution allows companies and brands to offer everything a DIY music distribution platform does, ‘but under their own brand — while we take over all the workload.’

EVEARA solutions aren’t a cookie-cutter offering. The company understands that each enterprise has diverse expectations and demands when it considers its personal vision for distribution. With a focus on that aspect, Karahan explains that EVEARA is stepping it up. “We’ve been able to execute multiple unique requirements of business models. To accommodate enterprises, we’re extremely flexible.”

Karahan believes that EVEARA’s core flexibility and strategic focus on transparency with ‘no hidden costs’ set it apart from its competitors.

“In our standard model, we don’t touch artist royalties, and neither do our white label partners,” he says.

With an eye on empowering companies, EVEARA has been improving its solution since its inception in April 2015 and is constantly adding new features around the core. The white label now offers comprehensive analytics, plus many other tools and features.

“Our white label partners can be part of the game without investing a lot of money or resources into a huge distribution department,” says Karahan.

Selcuk Kösemehmetoglu, Head of Sales & Business Development at EVEARA, explains that the white label distribution platform is ‘built with enterprise-readiness and scalability in mind.’

“We automated it all,” Kösemehmetoglu says, adding that the solution covers everything from backend management of hundreds of thousands of users, subscription payments, distribution, fingerprinting, bulk ISRC code generation, analytics, reporting, payout, marketing, and even support.

“We’re the best solution for enterprises, big companies, and brands that want to adopt DIY music distribution. With EVEARA, companies can make music available across the world’s largest and most prominent streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, etc. — and run their systems with minimal maintenance required from their end.”

Morten Dahlgren, COO/CMO of EVEARA, says the white label platform provider offers a great opportunity in the growing music creator space, alongside AI tools and services that are taking the industry by storm.

“In this thriving music space, our primary focus is on becoming the best one-stop direct artist solution as a white label,” Dahlgren told us.

Karahan believes powerhouse music instrument manufacturers and retailers like Yamaha, Fender, and Sweetwater are sitting on a missed opportunity in this growing creator space. “They can strengthen their customer relationships by adding DIY music distribution to their brand, leaving the real workload with EVEARA and entering a vastly growing sector.”

Karahan points out that EVEARA’s offering is very close to their core business, adding, “Not only would they offer value add to their existing customers, but also attract new ones, tapping into additional sustainable revenue — and allowing powerful bundle and cross-sales opportunities. Moreover, they gain access to powerful real-time analytics, which can be used to optimize their core business even further.”

Zeroing in on the goal of empowering white label partners with their services, EVEARA has placed a heightened focus on analytics. They want to bring the ‘data advantage’ to partner enterprises.

With access to comprehensive analytics, companies can track and understand customer behavior and anticipate what they need. Enterprises can take data-backed initiatives to forge relationships with their artists, allowing higher customer retention via more touchpoints.

Dahlgren points out that these enterprises ‘can offer loyalty programs, spot upcoming trends and artists that would otherwise be lost to external DIY music distributors.’

Also revealing ‘good news for small and mid-size companies,’ Dahlgren explains that EVEARA has recently introduced an offering for independent music labels and smaller companies that were previously ‘priced out.’ Now, with an entry-level plan, smaller companies aiming to get content out under their own brand and gain more control over their customer relationships can also partner with EVEARA.

Dahlgren says EVEARA’s DIY music distribution white label offering is ‘beyond borders,’ as the company’s core offering is ‘not geographically isolated.’ The company currently boasts 100+ white label partners across all continents.

The world, Dahlgren points out, does not consist of only North America and Europe. That sounds obvious, though the industry tends to conglomerate around specific geographical zones. “There’s also Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia, so we’ve expanded the horizon and have partnered with companies representing some interesting global opportunities in those parts of the world.”

Learn more about EVEARA’s DIY white label music distribution solution.

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